The Sanctuary is not your typical church. We have a different philosophy about many things. One of them is the fact that the word “visitors” is a word we don’t use. We only have guests at The Sanctuary because we have prepared for your arrival. We do everything we can to make our “guests” feel welcome here. You can BELONG at The Sanctuary and we do everything possible to help you do so ASAP.

We can’t wait for you to get here.

The Sanctuary is a highly motivated church with a worship service that is electrified with great talent and the presence of God who has promised to inhabit the praise of His people.

When the worship service kicks off here, we expect Him to show up and to do great things among us.

You will find it easy to engage the Almighty during a worship service @ The Sanctuary.

  • Classics Class for Senior Saints
  • Connect Class for Young Families
  • Student Ministries for High School and Jr. High Students
  • Children’s Ministries
  • Various Elective Classes

Classes conclude at 10:50 and the entire church gathers in the main sanctuary for a powerful combined Family Worship Service.

Wednesday @ The Sanctuary is very purpose driven – to CHALLENGE you with God’s Word and help you find the courage to make CHANGES in your life in response.
Wednesday also features several different elective classes throughout the course of the year and includes ministry for all ages.

Clothes … Come as you are comfortable (bathing suits excluded please 🙂 ).
If you prefer to wear a tie to church, there are many who do so.
If you prefer to come more casual, you will not be alone.
And we will just be glad you are here.